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Mobile medium-range radar for broad area slope monitoring and the only Synthetic Aperture Radar with a 2500 m operative range.


The steeper open pit mines become, the more unstable their walls and slopes will be. With the safety of workers at risk and equipment threatened, safely long-term monitoring slopes around-the-clock is a necessity. With early detection, accidents can be prevented. With long-term analysis, pits design can be optimized.

IBIS-Rover offers a mobile monitoring solution. It provides all the benefits of the IDS industry-leading radar monitoring technology, and is ideal for tactical positioning, long-wall open cut operations and frequent relocations in multiple-pit operations. The Rover is a weatherproof,  fully integrated trailer solution with one-touch setup for fast deployment in critical areas and automatic Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation capabilities.

IBIS Rover, being the only Synthetic Aperture Radar with a 2500 m operative range and an extremely broad coverage (up to 270°), thanks to the rotating antenna capabilities. has an unprecedented flexi-bility to fit any pit geometry, no matter how articulated, It is designed to provide highly accurate, real-time measurements of slope movements and alert monitoring specialists of fast movements.

The IBIS-Rover is ideal for:

  • Rapid installation when urgent active monitoring is required;
  • Long-wall open cut operations (i.e. coal strip mining operations);
  • Multiple open-pits or pits with complex geometry;
  • Wherever frequent relocation is required and long range capabilities are not needed.

Powerful and user-friendly, the IBIS Guardian software manages slope stability risks in open pit mining operations. Guardian enables fast interpretation and therefore fast reaction time for vital real-time information delivered by the IBIS-Rover radar system.

Reliable data with flexible alerts in real time
Highly accurate displacement data is provided to monitoring specials in real time using the most advanced Automatic Atmospheric Correction algorithm. Easy analysis of mines’ radar data is possible using the Eagle-Vision camera to add fully geo-referenced 3D maps and high-resolution panoramic images.

Unique Multi-Scale processing and the ability to store long-term projects enable resolving up to four orders of displacement magnitude, making this an essential tool for the support of:

  • Mine design
  • Mine Planning
  • Risk mitigation strategies.

IBIS Guardian offers alert messaging options and comprehensive geotechnical analysis tools. Monitoring specialists are immediately alerted in the event of slope displacement by means of various instant messaging options such as email, SMS or pop-up alerts.

Advanced data integration for even clearer understanding of slope stability
Automatically import different total station and GNSS datasets, for example from Leica GeoMoS© or Trimble T4D©, to enable even clearer understanding of slope stability. Monitoring experts can compare prism and GNSS displacement trends with IBIS radar data to understand movement behavior much faster. Stereonet charts are also available for quick and immediate representation of displacement data.

Through an advanced automatic export tool and the unique External Public Interface (API), IBIS data can be exported and displayed in third-party platforms for geotechnical monitoring.

Full Pit Monitoring 360 & True Vector
IBIS Guardian offers Full Pit Monitoring (
FPM) capabilities, stitching merging together data sets from multiple IBIS radar systems onto a single radar map3D georeferenced topography. Real-time full pit data provides monitoring experts with a complete view of the entire pit for managing slope hazards.

Benefits of the IBIS Guardian FPM include:

  • Streamlining tasks from multiple workstations into one unique software platform
  • Reducing work processes
  • Saving valuable time needed for making decisions

With TrueVector technology, IBIS Guardian is able to resolve the spatial direction of displacement vectors for hundreds of thousands of overlapping radar pixels being monitored simultaneously by two or more radar systems, with sub-millimetric accuracy. No prisms, markers or reflectors are needed on slopes to rapidly resolve displacement information.

Beyond the mine
Thanks to the powerful IBIS data server, monitoring projects and critical alerts can be accessed from anywhere.

There is no need to deal directly with radar data or interfere with IBIS Guardian projects. Using integrated IBIS Dispatch, dispatch operators are provided with easily understood, real-time alerts coming from IBIS units or even multiple pit operations.

Corporate offices can also take advantage of IBIS Dispatch to centralise alerts generated at different mine sites.


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