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Health monitoring for mobile equipment


Jhealth provides real-time insight into vehicle health, allowing maintenance experts to recognize and respond to changes in behavior before costly and unscheduled breakdowns occur. Jhealth provides real-time and historical access to OEM vehicle data snapshots, OEM alarms, and virtual sensors and alarms, and developed data sources. Operational context (payload, location, etc.) is matched in real-time with vehicle health data and alarms, enabling users to understand operational impacts on vehicle health.

Reliability engineers, maintenance technicians, maintenance engineers, and dispatchers use Jhealth as an OEM-independent system to collect data from across mixed fleets. Rather than simply knowing an alarm has occurred, Jhealth enables users to know the location of an alarm, the identity of the machine operator, and the cycle stage of the machine.

Jhealth is integrated with the fleet management software, Jmineops, and the intelligence suite, Jview, for visualization and informed decision making.


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