MINExpo 2021


Redefining the operator experience

Watch how a unique portfolio of sensor hardware, and solution-specific software unleashes the most dynamic and powerful use of data available, to deliver performance equal to your passion for productivity.


Bridging the operations gap, above and below

Learn how the integration of open pit and underground solutions for fleet management, machine guidance, operator assist, and machine health can help you cut costs and increase efficiency.


A holistic approach to increasing ore yield, 1% at a time

It’s no secret that mines are digging more earth for less ore while dealing with mountains of drill and blast data. Learn how we’re helping customers to make each blast smarter than the last.


Delivering on the pledge to protect your people

What if you could deliver on your promise of safety with even greater certainty. Watch how an integrated portfolio creates a smart digital reality that surrounds everyone and everything, to help you honor that pledge.


Do well to do good: Empowering mining’s sustainable future

“By empowering an autonomous future, a ‘do well to do good’ approach can drive sustainability through efficiency gains, increased safety, improved productivity, and less waste,” writes Mining division President, Nick Hare.


Smart digital realities and the impact of total monitoring

Listen to how the smart digital reality embodied by radar, geodetic and geotechnical sensors aggregated into one comprehensive software can bring profound benefits to slope stability monitoring.  


The transformative effect of autonomous connected ecosystems

While more mining companies embrace the trend towards autonomy, many are working with different levels of autonomous programs. Learn how we can help you assess the functional maturity of the complex systems common to mines.


The power of one autonomously connected mine

Choosing a safer, productive, more sustainable future depends on digital transformation. Watch how one technology partner with a single hardware-software platform, capable of converging multiple data sources across the mining value chain, can take you there.


Your one route to maximizing value? It takes a plan!

Watch the one planning solution capable of handling the infinite variables you must deal with to ensure 100% of your mine’s potential value – safely, sustainably, and profitably.


Delivering the Power of One

Sometimes ONE can be the number that matters most. The ONE thing you must extract from your mine? Ore? Metals? Minerals? No. The ONE thing? Value. See how Hexagon can help you capture and deliver 100% of the value across the life of your mine.