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Safety Suite

Collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring systems


The SAFEmine Safety Suite delivers collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring systems that save lives and money. SAFEmine is at work in more than 25,000 vehicles in over 55 surface mines worldwide, with a wide range of advanced traffic safety solutions.

Collisions concern all mines. Incidents can result in damaged equipment, downtime for repairs, injuries, and even death. Rules in many countries reflect these concerns, and some new legislation demands collision avoidance technology at mines.

The financial cost of collisions illustrates the potential return on investment of avoiding just one major incident. The cost of a serious injury or fatality is more difficult to quantify. Systems to protect drivers and operators from collisions, particularly where large haul trucks and smaller personnel vehicles interact, are essential to any open pit.

SAFEmine technology delivers these systems and helps prevent such incidents. Solutions include collision avoidance, real-time full-fleet tracking, and fatigue monitoring systems. These solutions protect cleanup equipment around heavy rotating machines. Sophisticated displays intuitively integrate vital safety information in cabins.

SAFEmine offers 360-degree protection at any speed or visibility. It's the best proven collision avoidance system in surface mining. Products are cost-effective, reduce downtime, improve productivity, and can be customized to your mine’s requirements.

Safety Product Line Manager, Cyrille Sauvain, discusses how SAFEmine collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring technology is helping mines to respond to the ever-increasing demands for safety in "See what you're missing with collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring."