Update DVD


An example of an open pit colored by elevation, courtesy of Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 - Hexagon Mining today releases Point Cloud Data, one of several new features in the 2015 Update DVD for clients using its MineSight mine planning products. Point Cloud Data allows you to import and display hundreds of millions of points, and view the result in RGB color or gray scale. Using the recent addition of xViewer, which is able to load and display data simultaneously, you can display hundreds of millions of point data quickly and effortlessly alongside other MineSight data. The recently released Point Cloud Mesher allows you to generate surfaces and solids directly from Point Cloud Data.

“The sky’s the limit for displaying Point Cloud Data,” says EVP Technology and Innovation, Glenn Wylde. “You can use RGB values to display an impressive amount of detail captured from any of your scanning technology.

“It’s another example of how we’re leveraging Hexagon technology to connect the real world with the digital world, bringing mining customers closer to reality.”

To handle calculations for block models, surface models, and gridded seam models, the new Model Calculation Tool is also on the DVD, delivering multiple model access, test runs (without saving to the model), and detail reporting.

Today’s release delivers numerous product enhancements. Version 9 of MineSight Schedule Optimizer simplifies planning by introducing a streamlined workflow for project set-up. It includes the ability to select MineSight Reserve logic, import mining cuts from MineSight 3D or MineSight Planner, add haul route details, and import and sequence destination geometry.

And MineSight 3D includes improvements to the xViewer, which enables you to display large point clouds, models, surfaces, and other large data extremely quickly and in real time. Now project settings can be changed within MS3D, with the added ability to create new material based on the properties of an existing geometry object. Enhancements to the pit expansion workflow for downward expansions, auto cut tool, and CAD workflows are also included.

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