HxGN MinePlan OP Operational Engineering

Integrate and streamline the drill and blast workflow with tools for blast design, safety exclusion zones, charge information and reconciliation between planned and actual fragmentation.

Main benefits

Includes MinePlan Blast for rapid design

MinePlan Blast incorporates charge and blast design templates based on proven engineering principles and methods. It’s a rapid design utility for creating and storing templates, completing bootleg analysis, and creating safety exclusion zones for equipment and personnel.

Tracks plan versus actual key performance indicators

Once holes are drilled and loaded in the field, actual results can be imported back to the utility for tracking plan versus actual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as horizontal, vertical, depth and charge compliance.

Reconciles planned and actual fragmentation

After blasting, the fragmentation importer and slope compare tool will allow further reconciliation between planned and actual fragmentation and slope performance. Expect reduced energy costs from improved fragmentation and consistent loading.

Learn more about MinePlan Blast

MinePlan Blast is a comprehensive software utility for drill and blast design and reconciliation.

Learn more about Torque database and QAQC

Torque is an SQL-based database platform for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data with advanced functionality for data processing and QAQC validation.

An integrated approach to drill and blast

Our holistic approach to D&B incorporates solutions to improve yield, fragmentation and dilution. It incorporates technology ranging from blast design and high-precision drilling to post-blast analysis and optimization.

Two features not to be missed in MinePlan Blast

We’ve added a new form for manual naming to the Hole Editor. Whether editing an existing pattern or starting from scratch, you can now add a prefix, start number, suffix and increment.

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