Our response to Covid-19

COVID-19 is affecting everyone on a global scale, which means that we all must work together to limit the spread of the virus and protect the people at risk. At Hexagon, our priority is keeping our employees and customers safe, and we are following all guidelines and recommendations set up at national, regional and local levels to do so. 
Through all of this, we recognize that our employees and our customers are relying on Hexagon more than ever. Rest assured that we are taking all necessary steps to protect you, our employees, and to minimize risk to the supply of our products and our services to you, our customers.
Please be assured that we remain committed to you and to the success of your business. 

We are a global technology company, well prepared to work collaboratively across the world on a daily basis from remote locations. We will continue to support you in your initiatives to drive productivity, safety and sustainability.
Our response to the evolving Covid-19 outbreak will remain aligned to the best science-based advice from regulatory agencies. We will, of course, respect your policies and procedures at all levels, as they relate to travel and visitors, ensuring the health and safety of all stakeholders.

Hexagon’s local leadership teams are agile and well prepared to act on all guidance to ensure minimal disruption to business. 

Here’s a summary of the measures we are taking to counter global contamination:
  • All non-essential travel stopped for the time being. (Primarily internal meetings and events.)
  • Travel outside of home countries minimized to account for ever-changing guidelines
  • Employees to work from home in areas identified as being at-risk; sick employees will follow WHO guidelines and seek medical advice
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation across our offices with supplies provided to employees who may be impacted without access to work from home

Our local approach to customer service and support and our vast network of offices and employees globally means we can continue to provide local support onsite, following client guidelines

Hexagon’s Mining division is striving to maintain business continuity by following a risk assessment performed with each vendor, continuing to operate production and logistics facilities as able, following safe work procedures, and continuing customer support functions through our global cloud-based platforms.

In challenging times, the power of partnership is needed most. We are your business partner, dedicated to your success and committed to delivering on your expectations.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via the regional office closest to you. 

Nick Hare, President, Mining division
Josh Weiss, COO/CDO Geosystems division
Hexagon AB