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High-precision guidance and production tracking for loaders, excavators, and shovels


J²shovel is a high-precision GPS navigation system for loaders, excavators, and shovels. With accurate navigation (to the bucket teeth) J²shovel improves bench elevation control, reduces dilution, and decreases labor and rework. Operators can visualize the shovel bucket position against virtual grade blocks and digital design plans, which vastly improves their operational performance. J²shovel also includes grade block detection, automatically identifying material from the grade block model.

J²shovel monitors the shovel’s operation, recording its movements and logging its current activity, transferring this information wirelessly to the office in real time. J²shovel automatically detects the transition of each of these activities ensuring that an accurate production history is recorded with minimal intervention from the operator. From this production activity information, operational statistics such as dig rate, wait time, load count, load time, and ready time can be calculated.

J²shovel is integrated with the Jigsaw Operations Suite. The suite links fleet management and optimization, high-precision guidance, and autonomous control into a Universal Hardware and Software Platform (UHP) to deliver a total mine management solution. The UHP can be swapped between any machine in its operating class, lowering capital outlay and increasing flexibility.

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