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Fleet management software offering a real-time window into your mine operation


Jmineops is integral to the Jigsaw Operations Suite, delivering critical real-time information to dispatchers, engineers, supervisors, administrators, and maintenance personnel. Jmineops arms users with meaningful data to analyze, configure, manage, and manipulate mine operations for maximum productivity.

Jmineops is the principal office software for Jigsaw's fleet management system, high-precision machine guidance, and health solutions. Jmineops provides access to all solutions and configuration tools in one piece of software.

The Jmineops Minemap allows users anywhere to see the exact location of every piece of machinery across a mine site. The Minemap display provides a top-down view of the mine, complete with road network, equipment, grade blocks, dumps, and loading areas all visible. Haul routes are displayed and equipment locations are constantly updated so that machine position is always accurate. Overlays, such as truck over-speeds and OEM alarms, can also be layered over the mine map to validate recorded data.

Minemap allows you to zoom in and out on areas of the mine site, which is particularly useful when focusing on busy areas of equipment activity. Edits to the road network can be performed through the same application.

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