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JPS (Jigsaw Positioning System)

Ground-based, augmented GNSS and Locata high-precision positioning solution


JPS (Jigsaw Positioning System) is the world’s first radiolocation technology to replicate a completely accurate positioning network system, which augments GNSS satellites with a ground-based positioning network. Created in partnership with Locata Corporation, JPS provides the same positioning accuracy of GNSS, but without the signal drop-out.

Using a combination of fixed-position and movable JPS, (LocataLites), a high-precision positioning network can be created exactly where and when you need it. This network can complement or replace traditional GPS at a local level and be implemented anywhere.

JPS can be customized and scaled to be any size needed. No additional correction network means base stations, atomic clocks, data links, and differential corrections are not needed. That means less room for error and drastically reduced infrastructure costs.

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