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Monitors haul cycle for maximized efficiency, minimized down time, and greater safety


Jtruck monitors the haul cycle via a user-friendly interface, reducing idle time and fuel costs. Jtruck relays real-time KPIs to operators and managers. It tracks and logs its current production activity, position, and status using automated cycle logic, meaning data is secure. Jtruck is connected to a GPS receiver and wireless communication infrastructure to ensure the vehicle's location is always known. This is communicated to a central server and to all other vehicles.

Jtruck displays a real-time mine map to every operator for every assignment. The mine map displays a green path over the road network, representing the best path to the next assignment. The operator and dispatcher is alerted if a driver deviates from this path.

The GPS view provides a plan view of the truck’s position and proximity awareness of other vehicles. Dig plan drawings, maps, and grade blocks are displayed so operators see an aerial reference during fill and dump operations. Jtruck allows mines to operate truck and auxiliary equipment as a team. Operators can report abnormal road conditions, such as spillage, dust, or pot hole, from panel. The system georeferences these conditions, and sends auxiliary equipment to resolve the problem.

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