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Generate practical short- medium- and long-term schedules with the MineSight Planning Suite

MineSight 3D

The foundation for all MineSight Planning Suite products.

HxGN Stope Optimizer

Using constraints and design parameters, Stope Optimizer provides the optimal stope shape design to maximize the value of an orebody. 

MineSight Schedule Optimizer

Optimize short, medium, and long-term planning.

HxGN Dynamic Haulage

HxGN Dynamic Haulage offers haul route updates to sync with bench development in near real time.

MineSight Atlas Optimizer

Activity-based, multi-horizon Gantt-chart scheduling package.

MineSight Atlas Scheduler

Resource-based, true-calendar approach to scheduling.

MineSight Economic Planner

Conceptual long-term planning and scheduling.

MineSight Haulage

Calculate equipment usage.

MineSight Data Security System

Manage data safely and efficiently.