Improved Global Services


TUCSON, ARIZONA, APRIL 18, 2016 – Hexagon Mining today introduces a Services organization to help customers get the most from their technology investment. Hexagon Mining Services aligns all services under the three pillars of Deployment, Training, and Consulting. The three pillars approach aims to help mines continuously improve across the planning, operations, and safety spectrum.

“Just as Hexagon Mining is integrating solutions, it makes sense to integrate Services under one roof,” said Matt Desmond, Vice President Services-Operations. “It’s part of our commitment to helping every site improve by fulfilling its technology investment for the life of mine. 

“Services bridges the gap between technology, people, and processes. We connect by streamlining deployment and ensuring that technology infrastructure is used to its potential. Our training and consulting deliver return on investment and measure performance for continual improvements.” 

Staffed by experienced mining professionals, Services offers an intimate understanding of the challenges facing mines, added Desmond. 

“As mining conditions change, processes and people mature, and technology advances, improvements can always be found.” 

Deployment services include project management, system installation, change management, software updates, and scoping studies.

Under Training, customers can access needs analysis, accreditation programs, coaching, and mentoring. 

Consulting offers system health checks, business process mapping, improvement analysis, maturity assessments, and analytics.

  • Matt Desmond discusses Hexagon Mining Services in a podcast.

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