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TUCSON, ARIZONA, SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 - Hexagon Mining today releases a significant upgrade to MineSight Schedule Optimizer, (MSSO) the go-to product for short, medium, and long-term planning. MineSight is Hexagon Mining’s comprehensive modeling and mine planning software platform.

The versatile MSSO determines the most productive cut mining sequence to achieve the highest project profitability, and then generates practical schedules. Version 9 of MSSO simplifies planning by introducing a streamlined workflow for project set-up. It includes the ability to select MineSight Reserve logic, import mining cuts from MineSight 3D or MineSight Planner, add haul route details, and import and sequence destination geometry.

These features – many of them developed in response to client requests - allow you to accurately simulate your mine environment more closely to reality, and produce better, more accurate results.

Version 9 lets you select solid or polygonal cut geometry, or create the cuts in the MineSight 3D viewer, when creating a mining area in MSSO. Create smaller cuts simultaneously during the cut import process, by selecting MineSight’s Autoslicer Tool. Once cuts are imported into MSSO, and the reserve logic is specified, tons and grade information is calculated and stored inside the MSSO configuration file.

Additional improvements include faster multi-period scheduling, allowing you to obtain a solution more quickly; plus the ability to calculate cycle times with a smoother, more focused workflow.

Create mining cuts using MineSight Planner is also popular because it allows you to target and immediately report tons and grades using customizable reporting. MineSight Planner, which calculates reserves and generates plans, offers a centralized, controllable location to house cuts and share among users. 

About MineSight

MineSight is a comprehensive modeling and mine planning platform, delivering integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.

MineSight is part of Hexagon Mining, the only global provider of surface and underground smart mining solutions that integrate design, planning, and operations technologies for safer, more productive mines.

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