Introducing CAS-FMS


Field trials test product that combines collision avoidance with fleet management.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, NOVEMBER 12, 2015 – Hexagon Mining takes integration to another level this month as it begins field trials of a product that embeds its SAFEmine collision avoidance system (CAS) into its Leica Jigsaw fleet management system (FMS). 

The Leica Jigsaw 2.07 FMS, due for Q4 release, will help create safer, more efficient mines. In a single system, dispatchers will enjoy greater oversight and better information while drivers will be relieved of clutter in their vehicles.

A field trial under way in Australia is testing improved monitoring of all vehicles. Light and heavy equipment can be monitored online, which means better analysis of near-miss events, including the behaviors and conditions that cause them.

Integration of the SAFEmine system into Jigsaw’s Jpanel streamlines equipment in the cab and maximizes visibility for the driver. SAFEmine symbols are integrated into the Jigsaw platform so users of both systems require minimal training during the transition. Equipping light vehicles with CAS ensures they are easily seen by any vehicle equipped with SAFEmine CAS and Jigsaw, making the mine safer.

Users can track employee behavior and environmental conditions to understand how both can affect mine safety. Events are archived in the system and can be annotated according to the reason for the alert. Areas with multiple alerts are easily identified so changes can be made to make mines safer.

“We are always looking for ways to make mining safer and more efficient,” said Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora. “The integration of SAFEmine CAS with Leica Jigsaw FMS unites two industry-leading platforms to deliver transparency and accountability in mine safety. It’s another way we’re shaping smart change.”

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