Introducing License to Explore

Hexagon Mining delivers an affordable way to navigate the exploration market

TUCSON, ARIZONA, DECEMBER 11, 2015Hexagon Mining today introduces License to Explore, an attractive lease license arming explorers with the powerful tools they need to produce high-quality data. License to Explore recognizes the need to optimize drilling campaigns while respecting tight budgets. It comprises two options, HxM Explorer and HxM Modeler. Both are highly versatile and designed for the life of a drilling campaign.

For the field geologist, HxM Explorer delivers CAD and Surface Modeling tools for building implicit surfaces and solids directly from drillhole data. Users can quickly interpret and evaluate scenarios. HxM Explorer’s mapping and drillhole design tools enable the explorer to design drilling programs with the benefit of storing drilling and logging data and assay results in the industry-leading MineSight Torque system.

Additional functionality can be added to HxM Explorer and HxM Modeler for surface meshing of huge point clouds collected by UAVs. The Torque database can be enhanced with a QAQC module for managing the validity of your drillhole data. Future add-on options include a workflow management tool for developing implicit models and a field logging device that is directly linked to Torque.

HxM Modeler is designed for the office-based explorer tasked with building a comprehensive block model and analyzing data gathered in the field campaign. HxM Modeler contains many of HxM Explorer’s CAD and surface modeling tools. So as well as being able to build and manage block models easily, a geologist can quickly evaluate the data collected in the field season and start planning for the next stage of project development.

“Mining builds our economies and explorers are at the forefront of that work, operating on tight budgets and under great pressure,” said Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora. “We believe License to Explore and the options it delivers will help alleviate some of that pressure with world-class solutions in an attractive lease package.”

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