HxM Blast, xViewer, and Digblock Optimizer among new offerings

TUCSON, Arizona, April 24, 2015 – Hexagon Mining today releases a significant upgrade to MineSight 3D, the flagship product within its mine planning product suite. MineSight 3D visualizes output from MineSight products, helping geologists and engineers to create and manipulate 2D and 3D data for editing, querying, and plotting/display of all types of geology and mining data.

Version 10 of MS3D released today includes HxM Blast, which revolutionizes the design and execution of drill and blast plans from within MS3D. Within a single interface, users will be able to design drill patterns, apply blasting parameters to holes, and tie-in the shot. Blasting is a critical stage in most mining operations. Poor fragmentation of ore and waste material can wipe millions of dollars from the value of a mine. The design of the blast makes a difference and HxM Blast will make life easier for the drill and blast engineer.

Version 10 also includes xViewer. xViewer enables you to display large point clouds, models, surfaces, and other large data extremely quickly and in real time. It talks directly to your graphics card to maximize efficiency in display and rendering, meaning exceptional large-data viewing speed and accuracy in 2D and 3D.

Other xViewer highlights include:

  • Streams data in real-time
  • Quick and smooth rotating, panning, and zooming
  • Perform other tasks while rendering data


The xViewer platform will continue to grow and allow MS3D more exciting new display options.

The ability to quickly transform large and high-resolution point clouds into detailed surfaces and solids is realized in today’s release with the new Point Cloud Mesher. The Point Cloud Mesher generates surfaces and solids from a cloud of points by following the trend of the data in three dimensions.

For grade control, Version 10 adds the Digblock Optimizer (DBO) to the operations tool, MineSight Axis. MSAxis-DBO produces economically optimized digblock shapes to be used for grade control mining. The product is expected to greatly benefit any mine looking to improve its economic analysis of a deposit.

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