Solutions for open-pit mines

Proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety in surface mines

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For open-pit mines, Hexagon Mining brings together proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety. We combine surveying, design, fleet management, production optimization, and collision avoidance in a life-of-mine solution that connects people and processes. Our customers are safer, more productive, and can make sense of their data.

Collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring systems are at the heart of our commitment to safer, smarter mining. The SAFEmine Safety Suite is at work in more than 25,000 vehicles in over 55 surface mines worldwide. Solutions include collision avoidance, real-time full-fleet tracking, fatigue monitoring, and sophisticated displays that intuitively integrate vital safety information in cabins.

Hundreds of sites and thousands of users manage their mine modeling and mine planning with the MineSight Planning Suite. The suite offers integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.

The Jigsaw Operations Suite delivers fleet management and optimization expertise, addressing the need for open-pit mines to safely minimize energy consumption, reduce carbon footprints, and save money. Jigsaw delivers high-precision machine guidance, business intelligence, and business analytics.

Our Survey Suite provides a formidable arsenal of powerful geospatial and geomatics products, such as total stations, GeoMoS monitoring systems, and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).