Solutions for underground

Mine management technology plus software for planning, designing, and scheduling 

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Underground, Hexagon Mining delivers a comprehensive mine management solution through Smartmine UG, part of the Jigsaw Operations Suite. Providing a window through the earth’s surface, Smartmine UG controls all underground mine operations by monitoring the fleet via on-board computers and tracking the entire operation via an office application at the surface.

Extensive task management control and 3D visualization allows dispatchers to monitor all operations in a centralized approach, saving time and strengthening compliance. Smartmine UG delivers cycle-location management, flexible production capture for trucks, LHD, (Load-Haul-Dump) drills, bolters, plus other machinery, and activity-cycle control.

The MineSight Planning Suite also illuminates underground mine evaluation and underground mine engineering tasks, including activity-based scheduling, implicit modeling, and sub blocking. Thanks to solutions such as MineSight Stope, plus Decline Design and Room and Pillar tools, the pursuit of productivity is now even brighter beneath the surface.