Solutions for coal

Technologies to tackle metallurgical and thermal deposits, including complex coal deposits

ByOre Coal

MineSight offers coal-specific modeling features and selective mining options for reporting. It handles metallurgical and thermal deposits, and reports and models multiple coal types within each of these deposits.

For block models, MineSight can model unlimited seams in one project. With greater spatial precision, Sub-Blocking enhances MineSight’s underground solution and makes modeling even the narrowest coal seams simple. MineSight offers fully-integrated haulage and multiple-equipment allocation.

MineSight supports multiple types of block models – multiple ore percent for unequalled accuracy in complex geology, gridded seam models for stratiform deposits, and sub-blocked models for spatial precision.

MineSight offers numerous advantages for mining structurally complex coal. MineSight Reserve provides selective mining functionality and comprehensive reporting logic. MineSight  Schedule Optimizer and MineSight Atlas provide full functionalities, such as fleet and resource assignment by material type, selective mining options and stockpile management, tailored to meet the demands of coal operations for generating practical strategic and tactical schedules.

MineSight  Implicit Modeler offers strong true thickness calculations with rapid surface outputs, plus user-input controlling features.

Coal producers favor Jigsaw Operations Suite for its mine management solutions, which provide optimized truck and shovel assignments, increase productivity, monitor and report key performance indicators, and minimize operating costs.