Solutions for oil sands

Proven planning, operations, and safety technologies for the oil sands industry

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The MineSight Planning Suite is used in Canada's north for its oil sand-specific modeling features. Oil sands and overburden stratigraphy can be modeled in MineSight using linear interpolation or implicit modeling. Rapid surface generation combined with advanced Unfolding techniques to follow sub-layers of a zone offer precision in grade interpolation. MineSight multiple ore percent models and gridded seam models for stratiform deposits suit oil sands deposits. MineSight’s point cloud data type allows users to render unlimited quantities of point data and convert them to surfaces with the Point Cloud Mesher.

Strategic planning in MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) allows users to assess optimized mine plans to determine optimal mining paths. The location and timing to relocate in-pit ore preparation facilities, and in-pit waste and tailings facilities can also be determined. Using MineSight Atlas, mine planners can build resource-loaded schedules while blending ore to the mill. MineSight Haulage is integrated with MSAtlas and MSSO, allowing short-range planning departments to pick up where strategic planning has left off.

The SAFEmine Safety Suite is favored by oil sands producers for its Collision Avoidance System and Tracking Radar. This technology helps protect larger vehicles and equipment, mitigating blind spots and poor visibility in harsh Canadian winters.