Solutions for small mines

Proven, cost-effective technologies trusted by small mines for planning, operations, and safety

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Small mines need many of the same tools as larger mines but typically operate on tighter budgets. Innovative technologies are needed to offset the higher operating costs and calls for improved efficiency facing smaller mines. Hexagon Mining solves these challenges with the most cost-effective, proven, and accurate solutions on the market.

Within the MineSight Planning Suite, our mine planning quarry package delivers the products to quickly get the job done. The package includes MineSight 3D, HxM Blast, MineSight Torque database, block modeling and resource estimation tools, plus geology and mine-design CAD tools.

Likewise, the scalability and customization potential of the Jigsaw Operations Suite means it is OEM-independent and FMS-agnostic. Jigsaw communicates with third-party products and competitor infrastructure. So whether you run a small mine that needs one high-precision drill, or a large mine that needs an automated dispatch system for 300 trucks, Jigsaw is a life-of-mine solution – one platform for tracking mine production planning, material movements and equipment production.

Hexagon Mining can also cover small, open-pit mines' safety needs with its SAFEmine collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring systems.