HxGN MineMeasure Detect

Optimize plant production in real-time with automated digital image analysis designed to offer continuous, accurate, and rapid measurement of oversize, volume, rock fragmentation and color analysis.

Main benefits

Oversize detection

Features oversize material detection via stereo camera, 3D topography and depth map processing. Rapid image processing detects oversize material at up to 30 frames per second. Images and data are integrated with client technology platforms and built into operational practices.

Volumetric, weight and density calculations

Verify material processing with volume reconciliation calculations and comparison to weight scales. Uncover new opportunities for determining unknown ore characteristics, such as density and hardness that contribute to particle reduction and ore liberation.

Particle size fragmentation

Leading algorithms for particle and fines identification, and particle size gradation processing with data accuracy across international mining applications. Demonstrated effectiveness for supporting operations with improved throughput.

Ore detection

Identify material type signatures via color hue, saturation and lightness. Detect material types that affect material handling and ore treatment. Ore detection is crucial to feed blends to optimize plant production.

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Technical specifications for the best-in-class 3D camera hardware, software and data solution enabling the realization of value from real-time quality decision making.

What is Augmented Fragmentation Image Analysis?

Fragmentation is the first result of the blasting process and tied directly to mining costs. Detect is a three-dimensional camera system that optimizes plant production with automated fragmentation image analysis at conveyor belts.


Testimonial from a long-time customer at Pinto Valley

See why Capstone Copper trusts MineMeasure Detect to optimize plant production at its Pinto Valley Mine to ensure consistent, predictable, high-volume and 24/7 mine production.


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