HxGN MineEnterprise OP Fleet Analytics

Device-agnostic platform collects, connects, consolidates and consumes data from fleet management systems consistently, regardless of source. View the status and position of all equipment in real time.

Main benefits

Define a Time Allocation Model to track productivity

Track and analyze productivity, utilization, availability and performance of your equipment by defining your own Time Allocation Model. Import and visualize mine block key attributes, including grades, materials and volumes. Apply those to track material movement.

Scalable device-agnostic platform with a single interface

HxGN MineEnterprise OP Fleet Analytics is an FMS-agnostic solution that works with a mixed MineOperate OP Pro + Foundation fleet. It also works with the HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System and consolidates duplicate on-board device data.

Add modules for inventory and reconciliation capability

Track stockpile quantities and grades for re-handle, crusher and mill locations with the MineEnterprise Inventory Module. Add the MineEnterprise Reconciliation Module to provide a process to survey adjust the raw volume and tonnage estimates from your FMS.

Click to close the planning and operations loop

Read our blog to learn how MinePlan integrates with MineEnterprise to close the loop between planning and operations with a single click.

Analytics and visualization to improve safety

See how safety analytics and powerful data visualization reveal the story behind near-miss events and incident investigation. Risk hot spots and interactive heat maps help you respond to change risky behaviors.


HxGN MineProtect: what’s your greatest asset?

Ensuring safety amid busy traffic, large equipment and poor visibility is challenging. HxGN MineProtect integrates solutions for collision avoidance, vehicle intervention, fatigue monitoring and personal protection.


Conuma Coal: Protecting what’s precious

Conuma Coal invested in a safety package to protect employees and equipment. It integrates systems for collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring and a web-based reporting and analytics enterprise platform.


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