HxGN MineOperate OP Foundation

Real-time in-field data collection from drilling through to processing using mobile devices.

The next wave of innovation isn’t limited to technology; it will involve systems, people and processes. Success depends on controlling your data so it’s possible to foster and grow new initiatives from a solid foundation. Data in many formats and in varying frequencies comes from every aspect of the mining value chain. Collecting data across the operation should not be overwhelming or complicated. Once consolidated, the next challenge is to validate this data and make it relevant to the business without exceeding IT budgets and creating new overheads.

HxGN MineOperate OP Foundation provides business with a consistent life-of-mine data store that can connect to any system and enable data-enrichment in a single interface that is accessible to everyone.

It allows all apps to be connected to a centralized and common system, which transforms data into actionable packets of information.

Fleet management information

Simple to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain, MineOperate OP Foundation scales as your business does; apps can be added as data collection needs grow. With the means to digitize all data collection activities, from drilling through to processing, you can ensure the value of fleet information continues beyond dispatch and short interval control, to be realized across the whole business.

MineOperate OP Foundation users can expect rapid deployment. A mid-sized fleet solution is implemented within a month and paper removed from site within two months. An office administrator's time previously spent collecting and collating data from paper sheets can be redirected to other value-add activities.

Increased equipment utilization means rapid return on investment. An operation can monitor equipment activities, movements and states ensuring optimal routes are taken, with minimal standby and queue time.