HxGN MineOperate UG Pro

Integrated tablet-hardware and software application manages UG fleet equipment and optimizes production-time utilization in real time

Introducing HxGN MineOperate UG Pro

Manage underground fleet equipment and broadcast time-utilization information the instant it’s needed in remote areas deep below the surface with HxGN MineOperate UG Pro.

As mines push deeper beneath the surface for deposits, the need for better communication and collaboration increases. Complexities that may be easier to overcome above ground, require domain expertise and often non-scalable customized solutions, below. As data from a growing number of instruments, humans, and mobile assets needs to be outside the mine for analysis, the network infrastructure and software to collect and process these packets become obstacles for true underground mining optimization and safety.

HxGN MineOperate UG Pro is the only modular system in the underground mining market for tracking machines, miners, and their shift-level workflow, ensuring they’re operating together as efficiently as possible.

Your mine’s ability to digitize processes and react to workflow changes in real time means optimized operations, and safer management of assets and fleet. By digitizing, connecting, and optimizing your underground mine, investment in MineOperate UG Pro will pay for itself by avoiding one significant, unplanned downtime event.

Mine management reporting system

MineOperate UG Pro's modular platform features a common industrial tablet for dashboard, tracking nodes, and task communications. It can be integrated with Hexagon solutions and external data from other vendors. Our Standard SQL and time-series databases allow customers to use their own business intelligence and analytics tools. MineOperate UG Pro monitors mobile assets for run-time statistics, providing recommendations to optimize fleet utilization. The solution features a reporting engine for modeling intelligent scenarios and it integrates with short-term interval control scheduling, reconciled by productivity and completed activities.

Users can expect increased operating capacity and less downtime for unplanned maintenance issues for drills and LHDs. Hourly costs of running data from the working face to the nearest network node can also be reduced using MineOperate UG Pro.