HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP

Generate and manage open-pit mine plans using scheduling scenarios with integration to the block model, haulage, and blast design options

Without the right software tools focused on open pit design and with no integration to the block model, building a mine design can be an unenviable task. Manual and spreadsheet calculations are time-consuming, prone to error, and inefficient. Scheduling decisions can be based on inaccurate data.

The HxGN MinePlan Engineering Suite offers three open-pit software packages that can help you to improve efficiency at your mine and make informed decisions by applying timely and accurate data to minimize the variance between plan and execution.

LTP Pro, STP Pro and Foundation packages each contain the tools to generate schedules by determining the most productive cut sequence. Long-term schedule optimization tools are available to guide your planning, with options to adjust and modify.

HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP Foundation is an all-in-one solution that allows mine planning engineers to generate and manage mine plans using various scheduling scenarios.Foundation includes open pit CAD functionality, as well as an integrated reserves’ calculation engine. The package features integration with the block model and reserves engine, and a tool for manually building schedules and reporting reserves. Powerful and rapid Boolean engines process data in seconds and point cloud visualization features in the same application.

HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP LTP Pro enables pit optimization and strategic scheduling to maximize net present value. By using industry-standard algorithms (Lerchs-Grossmann, Pseudo-flow, and Floating Cone) for pit optimization and integrating scheduling and haulage into a single optimization interface, OP LTP Pro enables you to quickly run scenarios at various prices and costs. It helps to reduce the dollar per ton cost of equipment related to haulage and reduces capital expenditures for hauling equipment.

OP LTP Pro incorporates C-Plex calculation of your schedule and equipment simultaneously. It combines the HxGN MinePlan 3D viewer and the block model to enable interaction with geometries for schedule visualization. Integration of the schedule optimization engine and the haulage database is native, avoiding the need to export data to another viewer.

HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP STP Pro allows you to build tactical schedules with the level of detail necessary to minimize variance between plan and execution. Built with an activity-based Gantt chart scheduler, OP STP Pro features an integrated haulage and optimization engine and can model activities beyond mining – drilling and blasting, for example.

Using OP STP Pro, you can schedule and rout haulage simultaneously with the detail needed for tactical schedules. The viewer and scheduler are natively integrated. Expect consistent ore feed to the processing plant with less idle time and maximized production. Minimize equipment costs by determining the optimum cut-off grade to equipment requirement ratio.


Open Pit Packages Options

Engineering OP Foundation

Generate and manage mine plans using various scheduling scenarios, plus the following:

  • 3D visualization
  • Engineering OP CAD
  • Planner

Engineering OP LTP Pro

Add haulage and schedule optimization options, and comprises the following:

  • OP Foundation components +
  • Schedule optimizer
  • Haulage



Includes a short-term manual activity scheduler, plus the following:

  • OP Foundation components +
  • Haulage
  • Activity scheduler