HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP LTP Pro

Maximize NPV via a single software interface that uses industry-standard algorithms to enable pit optimization and strategic scheduling

Maximizing your mine’s net present value (NPV) depends on software that enables pit optimization and strategic scheduling, preferably within a general mine planning suite. Without one, a mine will struggle to evaluate the pit’s economic limits or determine its optimum mining rates. That leaves an operation at the mercy of economic fluctuations and market volatility.

HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP LTP Pro is a software package enabling pit optimization and strategic scheduling to maximize NPV. By using industry-standard algorithms for pit optimization and integrating scheduling and haulage into a single optimization interface, OP LTP Pro enables you to quickly run scenarios at various prices and costs. It helps to reduce the dollar per ton cost of equipment related to haulage and reduces capital expenditures for hauling equipment.

OP LTP Pro incorporates CPLEX calculation of your schedule and equipment simultaneously. It combines the HxGN MinePlan 3D viewer and the block model to enable interaction with geometries for schedule visualization. Integration of the schedule optimization engine and the haulage database is native, avoiding the need to export data to another viewer.

Other benefits of the solution include consistent ore feed to the processing plant, (less idle time and maximum production) consistent ore feed in relation to the blend, and consistent equipment requirements throughout the life of the mine.

OP LTP Pro offers the appropriate level of detail for conceptual strategic scheduling, detailed strategic scheduling and tactical scheduling.


Introducing HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator

MinePlan Project Evaluator spells a new era for mine planners tasked with strategic scheduling. This new software tool optimizes ultimate pits and life-of-mine strategic schedules.