HxGN MinePlan Quarry Foundation

A complete mine planning software package for quarries to optimize schedules based on economics or other constraints

Transparency and trust are essential to a solid mine plan, which must be clearly explained to all stakeholders. But without a comprehensive mine planning software package, quarries will struggle to plan or communicate the most economical method for mining the deposit. It’s difficult to build and locate infrastructure for the future and talented staff can become discouraged if they don’t have the right software for the job.

HxGN MinePlan Quarry Foundation is a complete mine planning software package that helps avoid those pitfalls. Its user-friendly interface integrates HxGN MinePlan 3D into a standardized workflow, basing schedule optimization on economics or other constraints. The comprehensive engineering and geology workflow is specifically designed for mining (not AutoCAD) and the solution is scalable, growing as your organization does.

Quarry Foundation is based on almost half a century of development and successful operation in quarries and metal mines worldwide. It's a non-scripted solution that integrates with any system. It’s easy to understand, support, and troubleshoot. Users can expect improved reconciliation and improved production thanks to strategic blending, scheduling, and geologic interpretation. Forecasting is easier to reconcile with actual data, making reconciliation easier. A faster, more streamlined workflow helps to lower production costs and improve safety.