HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation

Comprehensive 3D geology software solution for drillhole data, geological interpretation, and generating an accurate block model

Productive mines depend on being able to build detailed geological surfaces and solids. Without that capability, drillhole data can end up stored in multiple files or data sources with unclear user permissions. That can lead to a lack of control over the quality and integrity of sample data. Statistical and geo-statistical analysis of project data is essential to producing an accurate block model with confidence.

HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation is a comprehensive solution offering everything needed by an exploration or resource geologist to store, manage, and analyze drillhole data, perform geological interpretation of the deposit and generate an accurate block model.

It provides an SQL-based data management system for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other types of point sample data integrated with other planning products for coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation, and visualization.

3D geological modeling

Geology Foundation includes a QAQC module to validate the accuracy of field samples and to protect the integrity of your sampling data. Other components of the package enable you to run statistical and geo-statistical analysis on drillhole and model data and generate an accurate block model using coding, interpolation and calculation functionalities.

Users of Geology Foundation will benefit from drillholes and intervals being managed and shared in the same database system. They can expect less deviation between exploration and production block models (reconciliation), increased confidence in making data-driven decisions based on drillhole and model data, and will avoid costly misrouting of material.

A centralized data repository and a single source of truth means enhanced security and streamlined data sharing. It also ensures greater accuracy and precision in the geological interpretation and the resultant block model. Ultimately, Geology Foundation helps improve forecasting and credibility, with better reconciliation between planning and operations.