HxGN MinePlan Geology Pro

3D geology software for drillhole data, geological interpretation, and generating accurate block models using explicit or implicit modeling

Productive mines depend on being able to build detailed geological surfaces and solids. But wire-framing drillhole data takes time; time that could be spent analyzing information, testing theories, and being a geologist. Likewise, the the block model, is the foundation of all planning tools, and the single source of truth for how mines manage their resources. Classic geomodeling methods can take weeks or months to construct one interpretative scenario. But modern mines do not have the luxury to wait on model updates to make decisions. The trend is to update your model live to be streamlined with the rest of the planning process.

HxGN MinePlan Geology Pro is a comprehensive solution offering everything needed by an exploration or resource geologist. It provides a SQL-based data management system for managing drillhole, blasthole and point sample data, integrated with other planning products for comprehensive interpolation and visualization.

It includes a QAQC module to validate the accuracy of field samples and to protect the integrity of your sampling data. It leverages the power of implicit modeling to sequence surface and solids and to create reproducible, auditable air-tight geological models that can be quickly and easily updated with new information, which saves time and money.

3D Geostatistical Analysis

Our geostatistical package allows you to investigate and validate your deposit quickly within a high-performance 3D visualization environment. Other components allow you to run statistical and geo-statistical analysis on drillhole and model data, and generate an accurate block model using coding, interpolation, and calculation functionalities.

Geology Pro users can expect less deviation between exploration and production block models (reconciliation), increased confidence in making data-driven decisions based on drillhole and model data, and will avoid costly misrouting of material. It's integrated with other scheduling and production solutions and works with unlimited data sets from many data types and multiple coordinate systems. It also leverages the power of an implicit modeler engine to create surfaces/solids directly from drillhole data.

Ultimately, Geology Pro helps improve forecasting and credibility with better reconciliation between planning and operations.