HxGN MinePlan OP Long-Term Planning

All the tools an engineer needs to produce long-term plans for open pit mines. The package includes MinePlan 3D CAD tools, the Pit Expansion Tool and MinePlan Schedule Optimizer.

Main benefits

Includes the multi-faceted MinePlan Schedule Optimizer

MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) is the industry-leading solution for schedule optimization, taking all detailed mining targets that must be considered in long-range planning, and producing a schedule that maximizes net present value (NPV) over the life of the mine.

3D block model integration with Pit Expansion Tool

As well as MinePlan 3D CAD tools for creating detailed pit designs, dump designs, and road designs, the package includes the Pit Expansion Tool, which is directly integrated with the 3D block model. Consider detailed geotechnical constraints and quickly calculate reserves.

Multi-period windows ensure optimal life-of-mine schedule

The scheduler can be run forward-looking using multi-period windows, ensuring that the mathematically optimal schedule over the full life of the mine is determined. Advanced Reporting and Charting allows you to generate robust, detailed reports.

Learn more about Basis Modeling

Basis Modeling is a set of routines for creating and manipulating surfaces and solids, as well as routines for building, managing, and basic interpolation of 3D block, stratigraphic, and gridded surface models.

Manage equipment and material requirements

Haulage is a solution for managing detailed equipment and material routing requirements, and is used to generate haulage profiles, cycle time files and reports.

Planning optimization with green constraints

In a case study, Mining Engineering Magazine features Vale NC’s use of MinePlan to optimize dump planning within proximity of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

MinePlan release improves scheduling tools

Among the exciting new features in the latest release of MinePlan is a new, intuitive interface for the Reserves tool, which benefits users of MinePlan Activity Scheduler and MinePlan Scheduler Optimizer.

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