HxGN MinePlan Blast

Comprehensive drill and blast software, incorporating charge and blast design templates based on proven engineering principles and methods

Drill and blast is integral to numerous downstream processes and key to some of the most important decisions a mine will make about optimizing its primary resource. Yet some mines still depend on 2D, 3D, or AutoCAD for basic blast design, with no means to compare actual vs. plan, and no standardization of the process. If there’s no blast-hole database, you can’t store data about the type or length of blast, or who designed the pattern.

HxGN MinePlan Blast is a comprehensive software utility for drill and blast and reconciliation. Rather than risking high-wall stability problems, uneven blasting, poor fragmentation, unnecessarily high energy costs, and dangerous working conditions, MinePlan Blast incorporates charge and blast design templates that are based on sound engineering principles and methods proven in mines worldwide.

Blast design

It incorporates geology and other properties from the block model into the workflow. You can quickly create blast designs that improve fragmentation, reduce energy costs, and offer management greater insight via configurable reporting and drill operator scorecards.

MinePlan Blast users can expect reduced energy costs from improved fragmentation and consistent loading, a better understanding of the high wall, and greater transparency between blast design and explosive contractors through consumable reconciliation. Drillhole scorecards ensure improved transparency and insight into D&B progress.

Drill and blast is too important to get wrong. MinePlan Blast helps you get it right.