HxGN MinePlan Production Pro

Complete software for production planning and reconciliation, delivering auditable solutions within a comprehensive mine planning suite

Grade control is too important to get wrong. It’s integral to numerous downstream processes and key to some of the most important decisions a mine will make about optimizing its primary resource. Yet some mines still depend on unscripted workflows that are undocumented, difficult to manage and audit, and unable to scale with the business as it grows. It’s hard to train new users, and there’s too much time spent processing at the expense of analysis.

HxGN MinePlan Production Pro is a complete software package for production planning and reconciliation. It standardizes and integrates the entire grade control process by ensuring tasks are completed sequentially with no missed steps. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, password-protected, and built on a proven 10-year history of modeling techniques developed at some of the most complex operations around the world.

Data quality is assured for informed decision making, and with less time spent processing, geologists can spend more time doing their jobs.

MinePlan Production Pro users enjoy a standardized process that minimizes errors and tracks users, improving confidence in grade control decisions. Clear communication and quantifiable results are supported by visualized data. It's a configurable solution that scales to the growth of your business.

Better yet, the package integrates geology and engineering departments for a better understanding of the drill and blast process.

Expect improved production, fragmentation, and reconciliation, (forecast is easier to reconcile with actual data) shorter training time and fewer mis-routes. A faster, more streamlined workflow means improved floor and high-wall integrity, as well as reduced blasting costs.


HxGN MinePlan Production

In the Peruvian Andes, Grupo Mexico and Southern Peru Copper Corporation, are applying Hexagon Mining technology with outstanding results. The company invited us to document this success story at Southern Peru’s Cuajone and Toquepala mines, which are among the biggest copper mines in the world.