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HxGN MinePlan 3D

Comprehensive software for visualization, design, modeling and reserves calculation that fully integrates with a general mine planning suite

Some mines still conduct their planning with general-purpose CAD solutions, without the benefits of 3D visualization, and with no way to specialize or to compute mine reserves. Millions of dollars are potentially going unrealized because of inadequate mine design techniques. Stakeholders receive an incomplete picture of their mine’s value and potential.

HxGN MinePlan 3D is the foundational software for visualization, design, modeling and reserves calculation. It fully integrates with all aspects of our general mine planning suite. It’s a tailor-made graphics solution for mine CAD design, using innovative methods, such as virtual reality and incorporating all standard presentation techniques.

Mining management software

MinePlan 3D’s powerful and rapid Boolean engines process data in seconds and point cloud visualization is achieved within the same application. Better yet, MinePlan 3D is part of a general mine planning suite developed over half a century in hundreds of mines around the world.

MinePlan 3D users can expect faster presentation of point clouds, quicker design time, and greater collaboration between staff using the same package. Easily visualize huge amounts of data and present stakeholders with a clear picture of the mine design and plan, using MinePlan 3D.

Visualize large amounts of 2D and 3D data with multiple views and enjoy specialized CAD design for all mine planning needs. Quickly and easily visualize modern survey techniques involving point clouds. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the full potential of your mine plan and reserves.

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