HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler

Activity-based Gantt chart scheduler that offers the detail necessary to minimize variance between plan and execution for tactical schedules

Successful mines are built on the ability to standardize workflows, which ensure accountability and improve collaboration. Reliance on spreadsheets can create a variety of problems. They are inadequate to present a tactical level of detail, especially when based on siloed information. In some mines, haulage and scheduling are being completed separately and there’s little to no insight into the impact of scheduling decisions. The subsequent deviations from the plan lead to a frustrating loop of manual iterations and time-consuming adjustments.

HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler is a software package for building tactical schedules with the level of detail necessary to minimize variance between plan and execution. Built with an activity-based Gantt chart scheduler, Activity Scheduler features an integrated haulage and optimization engine and can model activities beyond mining – drilling and blasting, for example.

Mine scheduling software

Using Activity Scheduler, you can schedule and rout haulage simultaneously with the detail necessary for tactical schedules. The viewer and scheduler are natively integrated. Expect consistent ore feed to the processing plant with less idle time and maximized production. Minimize equipment costs by determining the optimum cut-off grade to equipment requirement ratio.

Activity Scheduler users can look forward to faster engineering workflows with less time spent building schedules. A standardized process minimizes the risk of delays caused by staff turnover. Robust schedules and improved workflow mean fewer manual iterations between scheduling and haul requirements, and a more robust plan built on better decision making.

Tactical Short-Term Planning

Applied tactically, Hexagon Mining’s short-term planning software can reap rich operational rewards, according to Technical Services’ specialist, Javier Castaneda.