HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer

Determine productive cut mining sequence to achieve maximum project profitability, and generate practical short- to long-term schedules

Determining the appropriate scheduling requirements to achieve your most productive cut mining sequence is challenging. If you’re relying on manually sequenced schedules and are unable to optimize multi-horizon schedules, you’re unlikely to maximize net present value (NPV). With no connection between your long-term plan and short-term plan, operational expenditures and capital expenditures will likely increase.

HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer determines the most productive cut mining sequence to achieve the highest project profitability, and then generates practical short- to long-term project schedules. It features multi-horizon scheduling, integrated haulage database and equipment constraints, and mixed integer linear programing (MILP) for schedule optimization.

Mine scheduling software

Using MinePlan Schedule Optimizer, you’re able to perform short-range optimization and simultaneous scheduling and haulage optimization. Native integration with the 3D viewer delivers instant feedback after schedules are generated. Expect minimized variance between plan vs. actual and lower operational expenditures and capital expenditures. Generate schedules faster, meet operational constraints, maximize recoveries, and reduce penalties.

MinePlan Schedule Optimizer will increase your NPV and is guaranteed to find the true optimum schedule.

Schedule Optimization

Hexagon Mining’s scheduling tools can help guide critical capital investment decisions and help avoid losing millions of dollars in project value. Senior Mine Planning Specialist, Ernesto Vivas explains how.