HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Heavy Vehicle

An integrated fatigue and distraction management solution to help mining operators to maintain the level of attention necessary for long hours and monotonous tasks

The mining industry demands world-class operational performance, not only in productivity but for safety, too. This includes driver fatigue and distraction, which are known to cause mining accidents. The danger increases for operators dealing with heavy machinery combined with monotonous work over long working hours.

HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Heavy Vehicle (OAS-HV) is an integrated fatigue-detection, alerting, and reporting solution that helps mining machinery operators to maintain the level of attention necessary for long hours and monotonous tasks.

Integrated with HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS), OAS-HV uses sophisticated computer vision technology combined with scientific body-clock modeling.It provides a real-time fatigue risk status and traffic awareness to operators via an unobtrusive, operator-friendly display.

OAS-HV delivers reliable, audible, and visible alerts of fatigue and traffic-related events to avert imminent accidents. It features a web platform to continuously assess in real time the fatigue risks of individual operators and the complete fleet, allowing intervention, if necessary.

High-performance computer vision algorithms detect fatigue events, such as microsleeps or distraction. The system issues distinct audible alerts in the cabin to avert imminent accidents. Other alerts can be offered from GPIOs (General Purpose Inputs Outputs). The system also provides visual alerts in case of tampering. Operators receive an auto-diagnosis of errors via cabin display.

OAS-HV's integration with CAS means operators see a single, intuitive user-friendly display. Nuisance alarms are reduced with scenarios-based filtering, such as reversing, stand-still, loading. Plus, operational controls, such as fixed obstacles, valves, stackers, and power lines, are presented in single display.

Integration means that existing CAS installations are easily upgradable to OAS-HV. OAS-HV and CAS are fully upgradeable to pedestrian detection with the latest release of HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert. Obstacles detection can be upgraded by integrating with HxGN MineProtect Tracking Radar. Vehicle intervention for open pit mines is available by upgrading to HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System.

OAS-HV helps our customers to keep their workforce safe and productive. They are informed of their operators’ fatigue levels and other dangerous situations. This helps reduce equipment down time and expensive repairs, keeping the business running smoothly.

Most importantly, everyone goes home safely.

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