Intelligent Mining

The Power of One Partner For the Life of Your Mine 

The Power of One Partner. For the Life of Your Mine

Smart technology starts with smart people. Our customers are the smartest people we know! Learn how real-time support and connected workflows make for uniquely productive relationships.

Introducing the Power of One Connected Platform 

The Power of One Connected Platform

By harnessing data from sensors in a simple and consolidated architecture, we are helping mines to become situationally aware, self-learning and autonomously connected.

Tech Talk72DPI800x428One Integrated Solution for Fleet Management  

One holistic solution for operations

Advances in technology now allow your mine to be captured in digital reality, meaning data can be used to measure change, improve quality, and drive productivity.

One Solution to Accelerate your Pursuit 

One holistic solution for safety

Learn how a comprehensive safety portfolio can accelerate your pursuit of zero harm and protect your most precious assets.

One Solution for Building and Communicating 

One partner. Planning the life of your mine

Learn how a 50-year legacy of data communication and connections across processes and workflows can help realize value throughout the life of your mine.

One Seamless Transition 

One holistic solution from surface to underground

We’re helping cutting-edge mining companies to transition from surface to underground solutions that address fleet and task management, short interval control and safety.

Hexagon - MineMeasure 

One portfolio for drill and blast

Learn how a D&B solution tailored to your mine can improve profit from every blast, 1% at a time.

One Autonomous Ecosystem 

One partner delivering the future of autonomy

Learn how one technology partner with a single hardware-software platform capable of converging multiple data sources across the mining value chain can empower your autonomous future.

One Holistic Enterprise Solution 

One holistic enterprise solution connecting your data and you

Hexagon presents a connected data ecosystem in an enterprise solution capable of harmonizing planning, operations and safety, accelerating data-driven decision making in real time.

One Partner for Reality Capture Solutions 

One partner for reality capture solutions

Whether it's open pit, underground, receiving data insights in minutes is a game-changer for mining productivity and, most importantly, safety.

A Revolution in Risk Management - One Geomonitoring 

One geomonitoring partner for the modern mine

Innovation in real-time surveillance and monitoring technology is helping mines to better manage risk and autonomously connect mining ecosystems.

One Life of Mine into the Process Facility 

One life of mine into the process facility

Hexagon solutions can extend value from beyond the pit and into the industrial facility by integrating engineering, procurement and construction.