Open pit

50 more years of intelligent mining

Learn about new MinePlan developments in short-interval control, strategic scheduling, and drill and blast.

Anatomy of Autonomy

A guide to the anatomy of autonomy

Take a closer look at the strategies and systems behind a mature, value-driven autonomous program.


Bingham Canyon after the slide

Learn how MinePlan Schedule Optimizer helped Bingham Canyon produce new schedules after a massive slide.


Dump planning optimization

In New Caledonia, MinePlan is being used to manage waste responsibly and help preserve a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Loading haul truck

Enabling an economy with autonomous

Local community is central to Anglo American’s safety journey at Kumba Iron Ore in South Africa’s Northern Cape.


Fragmentation and value improvement

Central to maximizing ore yield, fragmentation analysis is essential for pit-to-plant optimization.

Drill Blast

Measure to manage

Real-time fragmentation analysis at the muck pile can reduce energy costs for blasting.


Measuring your safety technology investment

Reducing risks at mines depends on an execution plan that transforms technology benefits into the mine's value chain.


MinePlan as the interoperability bridge

Learn how to evaluate planning workflows and the value they add to mining operations from the perspective of MinePlan.


Monitoring, radar for tailings dams, pits

Expand your monitoring capabilities with interferometric radars and proven monitoring strategies. 


Operations solutions to increase efficiency

Transforming data into knowledge helps drive improvements across fleet and task management.

Split Shovel Cam

Optimize fragmentation

Split ShovelCam offers unique approaches that provide new insight for mine blasting and handling.


Pursuing zero-harm

Our safety experts discuss integrated systems for slope monitoring, collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring, personal protection, and vehicle intervention.

Safety change management

Safety and change management

Combine market-leading safety technology and a proven people-centric change methodology to achieve sustainable adoption.