HxGN MineEnterprise Asset Health Analytics

Monitor equipment health and drive a pro-active maintenance culture by connecting the sensors and alarms in your equipment to the MineEnterprise platform, an operational management hub that nurtures collaboration.

Main benefits

Real-time view and real-time alerts

Track vehicle health in real time and filter equipment views based on alarm information. See a real-time display of equipment positions linked to HxGN MineOperate Asset Health and identify equipment with an active error.

A view into the past helps improve the future

Holistic cross departmental reporting is essential to understanding how an organization is performing and enabling people to analyze gaps. By analyzing historical alarms and areas of high frequency, you can drill into detail to help make decisions for a better future.

Connect health and fleet management

Connect Asset Health Analytics with MineOperate OP Fleet data and correlate sensors and alarms to your FMS. Measure and see scheduled maintenance and unforeseen breakdowns.

Click to close the planning and operations loop

Read our blog to learn how MinePlan integrates with MineEnterprise to close the loop between planning and operations with a single click.

Analytics and visualization to improve safety

See how safety analytics and powerful data visualization reveal the story behind near-miss events and incident investigation. Risk hot spots and interactive heat maps help you respond to change risky behaviors.


How digital helps mines cut costs, not corners

Listen to our Mining Matters podcast to learn how HxGN MineOperate Asset Health monitors equipment-health trends in real time to help cut the costs of maintenance and increase productivity.

Conuma Coal: Protecting what’s precious

Conuma Coal invested in a safety package to protect employees and equipment. It integrates systems for collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring and a web-based reporting and analytics enterprise platform.


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