HxGN MineEnterprise Vehicle Intervention System (VIS) Analytics

Ensure a safe working environment by taking appropriate corrective action based on data analytics from critical safety events. Analyze and compare information, such as locations, equipment, operators and frequency of events.

Main benefits

Easy to visualize VIS events with color-coding

Color-coded icons make it easy to visualize where VIS events are occurring. Equipment, date and time are now organized into VIS events. Plus, you can filter and search events. This can help identify trends that may be occurring with operators.

Gain insight from heat map and cluster views

You can identify trends and correlations by turning on and off heat maps and cluster counts of MineProtect events. Corrective action based on meaningful data can help ensure a safer working environment for your people and equipment.

Review past events for historical analysis

Review and manage VIS events by seeing previous hours or days of VIS events in the Site Map. Along with data from CAS analytics, you can evaluate the whole story around an operator’s driving behavior, determining trends and corrective action.

Introducing HxGN MineProtect VIS

Learn more about HxGN MineProtect VIS, a vehicle intervention system that detects and prevents collisions by automatically slowing down or even stopping a haul truck if an imminent collision is detected.


Analytics and visualization to improve safety

See how safety analytics and powerful data visualization reveal the story behind near-miss events and incident investigation. Risk hot spots and interactive heat maps help you respond to change risky behaviors.


HxGN MineProtect: what’s your greatest asset?

Ensuring safety amid busy traffic, large equipment and poor visibility is challenging. HxGN MineProtect integrates solutions for collision avoidance, vehicle intervention, fatigue monitoring and personal protection.


Conuma Coal: Protecting what’s precious

Conuma Coal invested in a safety package to protect employees and equipment. It integrates systems for collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring and a web-based reporting and analytics enterprise platform.


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