HxGN MineEnterprise Interval Control

An integrated web-based solution that combines planned schedules and operational progress. Maximize your mine’s ROI by keeping planners, operations and management informed of plan deviations so they can pivot and minimize value lost.

Main benefits

Seamlessly share data between planning and operations

Hexagon systems share definitions of equipment, mining blocks, etc. Add MineEnterprise OP Fleet Analytics to connect operational progress from MineOperate OP Pro for automated progress tracking. Planning engineers can pivot, update and re-issue the schedule in MinePlan Activity Scheduler.

Unlock information and empower group decision-making

Easy interaction using a web browser means you can visualize and report production-value information realized by the schedule, aiding group awareness and decision-making, as well as improving the process for reporting progress to management.

Visual cues to production-value realized by the schedule

Hone the use of your data by setting color styling cut-offs for all properties. Each user can choose the appropriate color cues, allowing everyone to visualize how the schedule will realize the value in your commodity. Check the schedule against downstream requirements.

Spatial plan visualization using connected-map technology

Visualize plans spatially using connected-map technology to communicate clearly. Identify physical constraints and collaborate on production decisions, such as equipment location. The same visual cues and colors are applied to the spatial visualization.

Click to close the planning and operations loop

Read our blog to learn how MinePlan integrates with MineEnterprise to close the loop between planning and operations with a single click.

Analytics and visualization to improve safety

See how safety analytics and powerful data visualization reveal the story behind near-miss events and incident investigation. Risk hot spots and interactive heat maps help you respond to change risky behaviors.


MinePlan Activity Scheduler at Lac a Paul mine

: In a video interview, Lac a Paul mine sector director, Raphael Gaudreault explains how his team is using MinePlan Activity Scheduler to manage a project, which features significant civil works.


Conuma Coal: Protecting what’s precious

Conuma Coal invested in a safety package to protect employees and equipment. It integrates systems for collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring and a web-based reporting and analytics enterprise platform.


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