HxGN MinePlan Grade Control Geo

Standardize grade control into an auditable process. Leverage MinePlan 3D to integrate workflows into a mine's daily operational processes to optimize the recovery of the mineral resource.

Main benefits

Integrates MinePlan 3D and SQL-based system

The MinePlan Grade Control Geo package includes multiple components that streamline the grade control workflow using an integrated MinePlan 3D and SQL-based system. Blasthole survey, geology and grades are managed using the integrated database and QAQC workflow.

Auditable tools for block model interpolation

MinePlan’s Process Manager provides advanced functionality for importing, compositing, attributing, interpolating, coding, and much more, using robust workflows. Take advantage of the long list of built-in and customizable procedures to suit the needs of your mine.

One click to release your polygons to stakeholders

Optimize dig blocks and send polygons to the fleet management system, surveyors and other stakeholders with one click using MinePlan’s Release utility tool. When the shovel starts mining the routed material, the Daily Dig tool reports shovel progress and available muck.

Learn more about Torque database and QAQC

Torque is an SQL-based database platform for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data with advanced functionality for data processing and QAQC validation. Learn more.

Learn more about the Axis Process Manager

Axis is a comprehensive, fast and easy-to-use system for managing the grade control workflow and provides all the tools needed to execute and evaluate the grade control process. Learn more.

Planner for ore control and scheduling

Planner is a solution for ore control and scheduling, providing capabilities for designing mining cuts, routing material and generating reports. Learn more. 

Learn more about Basis Modeling

Basis Modeling is a set of routines for creating and manipulating surfaces and solids, as well as routines for building, managing, and basic interpolation of 3D block, stratigraphic, and gridded surface models. 

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