Introducing MineSight QAQC

Product helps ensure precision and accuracy of lab samples

TUCSON, ARIZONA, OCTOBER 16, 2015 - Hexagon Mining today launches MineSight QAQC, a flexible, easy-to-use product to validate and determine the precision and accuracy of field samples. Field samples are arguably the most important part of the evaluation and design of a mine. Incorrect assay information means flawed mine plans and the potential for huge financial loss.

Hexagon Mining’s mine planning software platform, MineSight, is a comprehensive package used for modeling, designing, and scheduling a mine. MineSight QAQC delivers critical charting and analysis functionalities for analytical samples, standards, blanks, and duplicates that return from the assay lab.

QAQC works hand in hand with MineSight Torque, Hexagon Mining’s drillhole manager. Within QAQC are components for statistical analysis of lab assay data, user-controlled setup of lab and shipment information, and integration into Torque for migrating samples after they have been validated. Housed in a secure database environment, QAQC delivers a unified toolset for managing assay samples throughout the data lifecycle.

“The adage ‘you get what you put in’ is just as true in mining,” said Planning Product Manager, Alyson Cartwright. “A geologic model, mine design, and operating schedule are only as good as the data that feeds it. That’s what QAQC addresses.”

For a more detailed description of the product and how it works, watch Alyson on HxGN TV here.

About MineSight

MineSight is a comprehensive modeling and mine planning platform, delivering integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.

MineSight is part of Hexagon Mining, the only global provider of surface and underground smart mining solutions that integrate design, planning, and operations technologies for safer, more productive mines.

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