Introducing standalone solutions for mine planning

TUCSON, ARIZONA, NOVEMBER 20, 2015 – Optimize your schedule, design blast patterns, and schedule activities with new standalone MineSight solutions from Hexagon Mining.  MineSight is Hexagon Mining’s proven mine planning and mine modeling software. The latest standalone solutions deliver the same functionality as full MineSight products, but are packaged with a specialized viewer and toolset designed for integration with virtually any general mine planning system.

Standalone Blast: By integrating departments that previously had little to no improvement mechanisms, HxM Blast allows you to monitor and adjust a blast from design through to implementation. It provides features to validate and improve the entire blasting process. Feedback and monitoring can be used directly to continuously improve the blasting process, creating smarter designs that optimize fragmentation, and manage costs.  

Standalone Atlas: MineSight Atlas is a complete package for manual scheduling and stockpile management. It provides a resource-based, true calendar approach to scheduling, and manages all material movement and reclaim. It works with multiple block models and makes mine areas for open pit and underground mining easy to manage. Standalone users can import geometry, schedule, and animate multiple activities, and generate detailed reports and schedules for all user-defined mining activities.

Standalone Schedule Optimizer: MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) will determine the optimum solution that obeys constraints, while maximizing your objective. MSSO finds the optimum schedule in one or many periods that achieve the objective while satisfying comprehensive product quality and quantity requirements, as well as physical and technical constraints. The standalone version will allow you to import geometry from a third-party system, define the constraints, run the optimization, and report the results.

Integrate the most powerful solutions on the market into your workflow, even if you don’t own a full version of MineSight. The standalone versions allow you to import data from a non-MineSight system, calculate results, and then export that data to another system.

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