Planning Support

Covering geologic modeling, geostatistics, short and long-range planning, and operational planning

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 Our multilingual planning support staff comprises comprehensively trained professionals, including mining engineers, geologists, and geoscientists, as well as chemical engineers, civil engineers, systems engineers and computer science graduates.

The HxGN MinePlan Planning Portfolio is built by mining professionals for mining professionals. We understand mining and mining consulting, and we are driven by your need for expedient resolutions of software issues. Our planning support team measures its technical support response time in minutes, not hours. Via phone, email, and shared desktop functionality, staff will work with you until the issue is resolved. For data exchange, we maintain a dedicated ftp site to ensure secure and confidential data sharing.

No other mining software is better equipped for workflow optimization than the HxGN MinePlan Planning Portfolio, the most comprehensive, integrated mining software package available. HxGN MinePlan empowers you to create workflows customized to your needs. And our planning support staff can help you do it.

The team comprises specialists in geological interpretation, modeling, design, scheduling, and operations. Support work and teaching experience have helped them cultivate exceptional resourcefulness and troubleshooting abilities.

Save time and money. Harness the experience and expertise of our support staff for your on-site workflow optimization.

To better serve you and improve our business processes, we are implementing a significant upgrade to our support systems.

For prompt attention, please send your query to the following email address:

Thank you for your continued support.