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Training courses

Structured, competency-based training and accreditation

Training Courses Main


Introductory Courses

  • Getting Started with HxGN MinePlan 3D
  • HxGN MinePlan for Geology - 3D Block Modeling  

Intermediate Courses

  • 3D Block Modeling with HxGN MinePlan 3D
  • Activity-Based Scheduling with Atlas 
  • Activity-Based Scheduling for Underground with Atlas 
  • Designing Cuts and Calculating Reserves with Reserve 
  • Designing Pits with Pit Expansion Tool 
  • Designing, Calculating Reserves and Reporting with Planner 
  • Generating Cycle Times with Haulage 
  • Geologic Interpretation with HxGN MinePlan 3D
  • Import, Manage and Analyze Certificates with Torque QAQC 
  • Life-of-Mine Planning 
  • Managing Drillholes with Torque 
  • Managing Survey Data with HxGN MinePlan 3D 
  • HxGN MinePlan for Geology - GSM Modeling 
  • HxGN MinePlan for Long Term Planning - MSSO
  • HxGN MinePlan for Short Term Planning
  • HxGN MinePlan for Underground Design and Scheduling 
  • Modeling with Implicit Modeler 
  • Optimizing with Economic Planner 
  • Preliminary Design with Stope 
  • Scheduling Mining Cuts with Schedule Optimizer 
  • Survey and Design for UG Projects - Cut & Fill
  • Survey and Design for UG Projects - Room & Pilar 
  • Survey and Design for UG Projects - Sub-level Stoping

Advance Courses

  • Estimating Resources Using Basic Geostatistics

Mini Courses

  • CAD Fundamentals with Underground Tools
  • Deploying HxGN MinePlan 
  • Displaying Data with the New Plot Layout Editor
  • Dynamic Unfolding
  • Getting Started with Torque 
  • Improving Model Management with HxGN MinePlan 3D Model Menu
  • Optimizing Haul Plans 
  • Reporting Resources with Reserve 
  • Sub-blocking with HxGN MinePlan 3D
  • Updating Models with Mined-Out Topography
  • What's New in HxGN MinePlan 3D 
  • What's New in Schedule Optimizer

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