Operations Suite

Integrated fleet management, production optimization, precision-guidance, and autonomous control


The Jigsaw Operations Suite is a state-of-the-art mine management solution designed to increase and improve efficiency across your mine. The system has been deployed all over the world by some of the biggest companies in the mining industry. These companies trust and rely on Jigsaw products for the accuracy and reliability that they deliver.

At the surface or below it, Jigsaw can deliver immediate relief for companies facing tough times from rising capital expenditure and operating costs. For open pit, Jigsaw offers unparalleled fleet management and optimization expertise via high-precision machine guidance, business intelligence, and business analytics.

The scalability and customization potential of Jigsaw means it is OEM-independent and FMS-agnostic Jigsaw communicates with third-party products and competitor infrastructure. Whether you need one high-precision drill, or an automated dispatch system for 300 trucks, Jigsaw is a life-of-mine solution – one platform for tracking mine production planning, material movements and equipment production.

Underground, Jigsaw's Smartmine UG solution delivers advanced fleet and production management, personnel safety, process control, electrical devices’ management, and personnel tracking in a unique 3D environment. Smartmine UG monitors all mine equipment via on-board computers and a digital communication network to produce data for analysis by optimization and simulation algorithms.