Solutions for every mine

Connecting planning, operations, and safety for precious and base metals, coal, oil sands, industrial minerals

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All mines are under immense pressure to cut costs while improving safety. Hexagon Mining provides business analytics for better decisions, and reporting solutions that drive productivity. We help mines make sense of their data.

From precious to base metals, for coal, oil sands and industrial minerals, our integrated solutions connect surveying, planning, and design, with fleet management and production optimization. We protect our customers and their equipment with collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring, and slope monitoring technologies.

We integrate the data and processes from these solutions, so people are informed and empowered to make intelligent decisions, no matter where they are in the mine.

So our customers - no matter what they mine - no longer need to buy one product for mine planning, another product for fleet management, and another for safety. They get one integrated solution from one technology company that’s committed to connecting all parts of a mine in real time.